Pigments are for professional use by cosmetic and body art tattoo artists only.

The main key point of our philosophy — transparency. MARA Pro is established by team of people who believe in sharing the best products and making complicated things clear for other cosmetic tattoo artists.

◦ Are pigments organic?

Our MARA Colors pigments are hybrid that are leaning towards organic.
Hybrid pigments are highly concentrated, bright and vivid colors. MARA colorants have small particle size, and that helps them to be spreader and dissolved in the pigmented area very quick, which helps cosmetic tattoo artist to not overwork the area, stay efficient and have more than 50% of color retention all the time. But formula is perfected for PMU so then pigment leaves skin faster (1-4 years) and you have a room for a refresher.

◦ Are pigments Vegan friendly?

Yes, our pigments are Vegan friendly and cruelty free.

◦ Where pigments are made?

All MARA Colors pigments are made in the USA.

◦ Ship worldwide

Yes, we ship worldwide. Shipping rates can be different depending on the country. All orders outside the US will attract Customs Charges, Import Duty, Sales Tax, VAT, that will be a responsibility of the buyer.

◦ What makes them different?

First of all, formulation. MARA Colors pigments are not alike other cosmetic tattoo pigments. Only Mara Colors lip pigments collection has been in the making for years, getting tested and perfected by strong team of cosmetic tattoo artists and chemists.
First thing to note, is that MARA Colors have different forms of white colorant, which helps to achieve more sheer lip tattoo results, no matter what technique you use, all of our current users notice that colors look rich and expensive in a comparison to other inks. Different mixtures and forms of white make pigments look slightly different in bottles. That’s why, for a complete understanding of color, we highly recommend swatching pigments on papers, cotton or in water first.

◦ Do they have titanium dioxide?

Yes. But only some of them.

◦ Long lasting?

Yes. As all Organic or Hybrid pigments.

◦ Safe?

Absolutely! You can check out MSDS sheets for every single color before you purchase.


◦ Can I mix colors?

Of course! MARA Colors can be mixed with each other to achieve many more different shades.

◦ Is it possible to mix with other brands?

We wouldn’t recommend mixing different pigment brands together, as they have different active ingredients and final result can become unpredictable.

◦ Why do I need mixing solution?

We highly recommend having our Mixing Solution in order to achieve more transparent outcomes, as well as to achieve lighter version of colors.